Dr. J. Larry Troxell

Dr. Larry TroxellIn the fall of 1967 Dr. Larry Troxell graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. In January of 1968 he opened his practice in Davenport IA. Shortly thereafter Allen Kershew started an internship program through Dr. Troxell’s office. During these years Dr. Troxell spent much time learning from his mentor Dr. Gonstead. He attended approximately 100 seminars and spent time in the Gonstead clinic learning firsthand the methodologies. Dr. Troxell passed his knowledge and experience on to eager students as they worked in his office.

In 1977 Dr. Gonstead started Gonstead Advanced Technique. Dr. Gonstead wanted his teachings to continue so seminars were organized. Three seminars were held before C.S. Gonstead passed away in 1978. Dr. Gonstead left endorsements of his teachings to four doctors in writing. These four Doctors were Dr. J. Larry Troxell, Dr. Dr. Larry Troxell and Dr. Clarence GonsteadJohn Thatcher, Dr. Dale Applegate, and Dr.Tim Obert.

In the early 1980s Gonstead Methedology Institute was spawned from G.A.T. GMI organized and began holding four seminars a year to teach the Gonstead System to interns and other interested students. GMI was set up as a non-profit organization so there would be no conflict of interest. The seminars were a way for Doctors to give back to better the profession. There have been approximately 150 seminars to date and still counting.

Over the course of over 40 years the intern program has been going strong. There are 1,000+ interns that have graduated from Palmer and went on to practice.