Chiropractic Testimonials

"Best Quality Care, has saved me from getting shots for sciatica. Since I've been a patient my pain has been nearly wiped out!"

- Brian Gray

"Great chiropractor and staff. I'm not from the area and they were able to get me in and treat me quickly. They take x-rays to see where problem areas are so they can treat you correctly. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area or if you will be in the area for a period of time. I'll definitely go back if I'm in the area and need an adjustment."

- Elaine Stanley

"Everyone is so welcoming and always has a smile on there face! my husband got a back injury in high school and the method of care they is what got him out of bed after a long 7 months! we take both are children there and sense our daughter doesn't break out in hives nearly as often! the first time my son was adjusted was the best he had slept in months!"

- Amanda Hines

"Dr. Josh and Dr. Brittany are awesome doctors and even better people. They take the time that's needed to identify the cause of their patients problems and explain exactly what is needed to correct the issue."

- Alphonse Simeone

"From my own needs to support for my athletes/teens, Dr Josh is the best!! He is affective, personable, and honest! I have referred many people to his practice with many a positive result!"

- Penny Wagner Smith

"Dr. Josh is by far the best Chiropractor I have gone to! I had severe back and neck problems and since going to him I have finally found relief! He is always kind and caring. I would recommend everyone I know to him!"

- Brandy Ploog

"Me and my two children just started about 2 weeks ago......and so far even my children are LOVING it!!!!!! I was diagnosed with MS a year ago and heard going to the chiro will help with pain and pressure (understanding it will take sometime, doesn’t help over night) so out of the blue I called and got us three in within a few days! My son isn’t complaining that is legs are “broke” everyday anymore, just a day or two once a week. I have already noticed that the next day my children don’t complain of pain and are all smiles � Dr. Brittney made me feel like she WANTS to help with all my pain and pressure, understood my concerns, and makes sure that my children are comfortable the whole time(which for me is the MOST important thing). Can’t wait to see where my families journey with them goes!"

- Kaila Morehead

"Dr. Josh is hands down the most dedicated chiropractor you will find. He diligently works with you each step of your chiropractic journey to get you living the life you have always imagined. Specific, focused, passionate chiropractic care is what you can expect with each visit. He spends the time necessary to get to the CAUSE of your problems. Chiropractic is more than just for back pain. Dr. Josh and the staff at Lawlor Family Chiropractic will empower you in taking charge of your own health. Put previous experiences and misconceptions about chiropractic behind you and allow Dr Josh to show you what real chiropractic is all about."

- Devin Daniels


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