Troxell Intern Program History in Eldridge IA

Chiropractic Eldridge IA Troxell Intern Program History

Dr. Larry Troxell our namesake, was a protégé of Dr. Gonstead’s he worked with him throughout his career. And Dr. Troxell was one of a select few that Dr. Gonstead gave expressed permission to teach the Gonstead System.

In 1968, Dr. Troxell founded the Troxell Intern Program because he had students coming to him constantly to shadow and work with him because they felt they weren’t getting the practice and hands-on experience they needed. Today the Troxell program has been established for over 40 years and we have over 1000 graduated interns practicing all over the world. And today we continue that tradition, “changing lives through education”.

Chiropractor Eldridge IA Dr. J Larry Troxell

Become an Intern: First, a student must first work as a Prospective Intern (PI) for a trimester. They will be paired with a current intern who will mentor and work with them to hone their skills and knowledge of the Gonstead System to ensure they are ready to take the Intern Exam, given to PI’s at the end of each trimester.

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